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Petrol Stations

Elec-Tech are currently the only company in East Anglia certified to carry out electrical work at petrol stations and conduct an Annual Electrical Inspection and test to APEA guidelines (current edition).


Petrol Station Electricians

Petrol Filling Station Testing


£350.00 + VAT

Where electricity and petrol stations are concerned, there is no room for error.


Reliable electrical systems and lighting are crucial to your business and the health and safety of your staff and customers, and when faults do occur it’s vital to have responsive, reactive and highly qualified engineers you can rely on.

All our work is CompEx approved and insured for electrical work on petrol stations.

Our other services include:

  • Fault finding and breakdown repair (usually within 1 hr)

  • Design and installation of bespoke LED light fittings

  • Electrical rewiring and repairs for pumps, signs, floodlights, air towers, car vacs, tannoy systems and more

  • Canopy and forecourt lighting

  • Visual image maintenance including pole signs and box lights

  • Full mains panel design, build and installation service

  • Re-lamping for shop & out-of-sales lights, including lighting for car wash and jet wash areas

We are the petrol station specialists. Contact us today to find out more.

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