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Home EV Charging

Intelligent home charging solutions that will make charging your EV easier than ever before. Fully installed from £395.

my energi zappi car being charged

Smart, Reliable EV Chargers For Your Home in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Most of the charging that you'll do with your new EV will be at home, so choosing a professional installer with the experience and expertise to carry out a safe and efficient installation is essential.

At Elec-Tech, our team of EV Charging experts can help you choose the correct charging installation for you from a range of specially selected high-quality charger manufacturers.


Our team will supply your charger, perform a complete installation, and even support you to access the government-funded OLEV grants.

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Home EV Charging Installation Today!

Chargers & Service Options

Browse our selection of EV Home Chargers and EV service options below...

wall box pulsar max

Wallbox Pulsar Max

Fully Installed From


grey easee one

Easee One

Fully Installed From


zappi untethered

MyEnergy Zappi 7Kw Untethered

Fully Installed From


MyEnergy Zappi 7Kw Tethered

zappi 7kw tethered


Fully Installed From

caroon electrician

Installation Only

Fully Installed From


spanner cartoon


Call Out From


Why Switch To Home Charging?

Convenient Charging From The Comfort Of Your Home

cartoon person

Gain Independence From Remote Charging

solar panel and sun cartoon

Our Charger's Integrate with Our Solar Panels*


Energy Tariff's are Cheaper at Night Time

Our Installations

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